Notting Hill Carnival 2018 Theme Winner for LSS

Here is the winning theme for The London School of Samba 2018 Carnival.

*Theme title:  For the beauties of the sea: orishas guide us – Para as belezas do mar: Orixas nos guiam

 *Theme proposer (name): Ioanna Marathefti

 *What is the narrative that you want to be communicated?

The Sea: full of beauty worshipped through the years, yet destroyed by humans. The world is addicted to plastic, and its clogging the oceans; our oceans are losing life; they are getting warmer and acidic.

Let the gods that we have been worshipping rebel. Yemanja, our leading orixa opens the desfile (CdF). She is the mother of all Orixas – she is mostly calm, but not now! Not after witnessing the evils of humans against the oceans. She is angry and destructive and she is joined by the gods from other cultures: Poseidon, Namaka, Samundra (Destaques) to protect the oceans (Baianas) and its life (dancers and bateria): we will witness an explosion of colour through the wonders of the ocean, reminded of the threat of climate change (float 2) and the work of activists (Tshirt/Drop in ala)

This is an opportunity for a visually vivid parade, as wonderful as the creatures of the sea.