Commisão de frente

“Dancing in the Street”

Our front commission presents you with the infamous track by Martha and the Vandallas; later covered by Jagger and Bowie. Like many black artists before them, they were the among the first to bring their music to white audience, breaking down cultural and racial barriers. Think glamourous girl groups from the 60s.

Intermediate- advanced skill only. Please contact [email protected]

ala dos Passistas

 “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!”

New Orleans’ Storyville, a notorious Red-Light district, is home to the brothels and bars that provided the only venues for jazz, since African American performers were banned from performing at white clubs. Think bold, racy, illegal, prohibited!

Intermediate- advanced skill only. Please contact [email protected]


“No No No”

We pay tribute to the song by Dawn Penn, however, this is cover version of Chicago born singer and songwriter Willie Cobbs. This track is a well-known song outside of reggae; it has been sampled by a vast range of artists. Colours of reggae and featuring records as accessories!

Each baiana will have the same design but a different coloured top; Red, silver, gold, purple and green.



“Mothership Connection (Star Child)”

George Clinton’s Parliament and Funkadelic heavily influenced music today with a blend of funk and rock. We pay tribute to Bootsy Collins, for his style and his BASS! Tear the roof off and beam us back up to the Mothership!

Intermediate- advance skill only. Please contact [email protected]

Ala dance

“Purple Rain”

Released in 1984, the same year as LSS’s beginnings, Purple Rain remains to this day the track best associated with Prince. The album of the same name became gold in the same year.

Think purple, sexy, gender bending, camp..



Our backstage crew, aka our stewards and volunteers behind the scenes are the real superstars of the show! Our photographers capture the magic! And of course our Velha Guarda have contributed to our 35 year history and helped to make our school what it is today, they are our VIPs!

Want to parade with us but don’t fancy wearing a costume? Why not join our Volunteers and be part of one of the biggest street parties in Europe! Want to find out more?