Purple Rain Dance Ala

Welcome to the Dance Ala Green Room!

This page will contain all the key relevant information relating to your ala or wing, so keep coming back to visit!

Learn this year’s samba HERE and you can find the lyrics HERE



Times for Carnival Weekend:

Be at the Barracão between the following times:

Saturday 25th August 12.00–19.00

Sunday 26th August 12.00–18.00

Monday 27th August 06.45–19.00

Theme Overview 

Dancing in Street

Our 2019 theme is Dancing in the Street: A tribute to Music. We are paying tribute to the rich melanin culture across the board, these artists have given us Jazz, Motown, Samba, Reggae, Funk, Pop and Rock right up to the present day with artists such as Beyoncé.

Too many to name in one parade, this is but a snapshot of a larger movement that shaped music as a whole. The fashion, dance forms, lifestyle and fight against oppression empowered us all to move to the enchanting sound wave that we call, Music. This is for the trailblazers, rebels and the powerful influences they have had on music today,
we thank them.