Costume Workshops

Costume workshops happen throughout the year and are focused either on our year round gigs or our carnival tour. If you are feeling crafty, creative, or just plain curious, then please come and join us at any of our workshops.  You can learn some new skills, or just polish up on your current ones. Our costume making involves sewing, cutting, beading, sticking and any number of other ‘ings’…

These are open to anyone wanting to take part in costume making even if not registered to take part on our carnival tour and you don’t need to be a member or dancer or drummer. No matter what your skill level, there’s always an opportunity to get involved. The glue guns are warmed up and ready to go!


For costume hire, workshops and Make-Up they are held at – Costume Store Brixton

Unit 15
49 Effra Road
Brixton, London
See Map>>>

Before attending either costume or make up workshop, let us know you are coming, by dropping us a line at [email protected] or check back here for changes the Sunday before scheduled dates. There is no buzzer, we will need to expect you to let you in.

All workshops are free unless otherwise stated. Where charges apply, pre-booking is necessary. Charges may apply with particular artist/tutor led teaching workshops.

LSS Performance group members can arrange collection and return of costumes in circulation on these dates.

For the next workshop please contact – [email protected]