You are invited to take part in an LSS Strategy Action Planning Event on Saturday May 13th – 1.30pm – 5.30pm at WAC to work on creating our sustainable, thriving future.

It is has been a turbulent year here at LSS. We have achieved some amazing things yet also had some very testing events. We feel that right now we have an amazing opportunity to set out and implement a blueprint of action to move forward as a school but we need you to help us do it.
The extraordinary general meeting this year was a passionate event with an underlying call for change to make LSS a sustainable, thriving samba school.
We listened.
As promised at the AGM we created a Think Tank to address the issue of making us sustainable. We are now inviting all of LSS to get involved with the Wealth Strategy Action Group to create our sustainable, thriving future. 
You are therefore invited to take part in an LSS strategy action planning event on Saturday May 13th  at 1.30pm  – 5.30pm at WAC  to work on creating our future. 
This method has worked to transform other organisations and we believe we can revitalise our school too.
How Does It Work?
The process will start by asking you all to fill in an online questionnaire before the meeting to let us know your thoughts on how specific issues are effecting you and what change you want to see prioritised. The day itself is a must attend event, it’s your opportunity to change our future and help LSS help other people enjoy the power of our samba school. Following the day there will be a series of follow up action days to drive forward the key initiatives that have been identified.
Nothing is off the board, from reorganising the structure of the school to changing how we run classes. We are inventing a new vision of who WE want to be as the London School Of Samba. We are looking to establish our core values and brand identity as a dynamic, effective, forward thinking organisation. From here we are looking to create OUR vision for who we are as a school today in 2017. From this we want a clear plan of action, consistent with our vision that identifies the specific accountabilities, targets and measures for our success.
We are aware that we have had several business plans and ideas suggested over the years that have been buried or hit a wall of red tape. The commitment of the wealth strategy action group is to be a bridge between sustainable ideas, application and perceptible results. The implementation of the wealth and strategic action plan is to create a thriving school with long term financial security. 
To do this we need you, LSS is an organisation of people, YOU are the people who shape our values and hold our future and this is how we will succeed and move forward.
What Do You NEED to DO?
The only thing you need to do for now to get on board is to mark the date in your diary and let other LSS members know about the event too. We want as many of you there as possible, from the newest members to the oldest. We will be in contact soon with the questionnaire and more details on this event in due course. 
If you would like to speak in person about this process feel free to chat to Merle, Ben, Asia, Albert or Jan.
Mark the date – Saturday May 13th  1.30 to 5.30 – WAC
The Wealth Strategy Action Group