Notting Hill Carnival 2022 – Sonhar Não Custa Nada

Carnival Theme: “Sonhar Não Custa Nada” (Dreams Cost Nothing)……

With Covid derailing Carnival for the last two years and no Arts Council funding for this year, we have had to change our plans for Carnival to go ahead.  Therefore this year, the London School of Samba will be doing a sustainable carnival by recycling from past years and dreaming big with a small budget!

We have chosen a classic samba enredo from the London School of Samba Godmother School, Mocidade “Sonhar Não Custa Nada”. The song title translates to “dreams cost nothing”, and this title gave us the idea of putting on a big show with limited resources.

We want to make it a super fun, community-focused carnival, and registration is now open to our samba friends and family worldwide.  It’s easy to register; all you have to do is fill in our form and pay the £50 registration fee. You can choose to perform in the Bateria or Dance Alas.

Bateria and General Dance Alas – All Costumes Provided

Your registration fee will cover your costume hire for the Bateria and all Dance Alas, except the Passista Ala.

Information for Passitas

If you want to parade as a Passista, you must bring your own costume and join our wonderful multicoloured Passista Ala.

Note 1: If you don’t have your own Passista costume, we have a limited number to hire.
Note 2: No experience is needed to dance at Carnival in most Alas. Plus, we will be running classes to get you up to speed, so sign up today.