The first strategy day has been and gone and it was amazing to see member engagement with both the pre event questionnaire and the day itself. We thank everyone who contributed.

The day was focused on analysis, planning and problem solving. We are now moving onto the next stage and want your contributions. The idea of this process is to form a five year strategic plan to make us profitable.

Vote On Our Vision & Mission Statements

The day started with a review of our core values and looking at our mission and vision statements. To make a plan to move forward we must know what we stand for and where we want to move towards. From the day we outlined a few possible mission and vision statements we would like you to vote on.

Please choose the statement that best reflects your feelings about the school. The survey takes less than a minute to do.

Please click here to vote>>>>
Strategic Action Planning

Following this we then broke into nine groups to perform a comprehensive SWOT analysis (Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats) of LSS. The groups were – Dance, Bateria, Carnival, Bookings, Outreach, Marketing, Fundraising, Costume and Organisational Structure. It was very eye opening for everyone in the room to see some of the limitations that are holding us back and the potential for the future.

We now want to hear from you. We are looking for what actions should we take next within each area. What would we do with money generated from funding or increased income to expand the school. All contributions will be evaluated into creating the five year plan. Please follow the links below to contribute to the different action groups. You may contribute to as many areas as you would like.




Comms & Marketing>>>




Organisation Structure>>>>

The Next Steps – Action Groups

Once the above information has been compiled there will be a meeting held by each group coordinator to ensure all information is gathered before producing an action plan that will be presented at the next strategy day. More information on the groups will be sent in due course. The first step is completing the specific action steps in the link above.

Wealth Strategy Action Day 2 – Saturday June 24 – 1.30pm – 4.30 – WAC

This day will be about bringing the action plans into a coordinated approach and how to practically implement them. 
The Wealth Strategy Action Group (Albert, Asia, Ben, Jan, Merle)