Here are some great photos of the London School of Samba at Notting Hill Carnival

In the Huffington Post’s style section, they compiled a list of “24 Flawless Notting Hill Carnival Queens” with our 2016 Rainha da Bateria Hannah taking the top spot, also featuring Patsy, Orquidea and Karla…

The Metro also has some lovely photos including our Japanese Baianas and Orquidea leading Ala India

The Guardian has some beautiful photos, including our spectacular Comissao de Frente rainbow dress

The Evening Standard’s article featuring Orquidea again, and an amazing shot of all our passistas together.

Negative reporting about the downsides of Notting Carnival aside, the Daily Mail have some lovely photos including ones of our preparations.

Vice magazine calls to “Stop Defining Notting Hill Carnival By Its Drug Arrests”

Patsy and another photo of our preparations appear in the Get West London article

Beautiful pictures of Hannah, Kanika, Orquidea, Baianas, and one of our floats in The Sun

ITV’s “Best of Notting Hill” gallery has another shot of Orquidea!

And of course lots of stunning photos from Getty Images