Congratulations go to Xavier Osmir and Paul Rumbol for their winning entry for the London School of Samba called “Voodoo, Samba e Cabaret”.

The competition, held on Wednesday 22nd April at Floripa saw three great songs battle it out to be our carnival song this year.

First up was “O Escuro CabarĂ©” written by Christopher Mullins-Silverstein with arrangement by Alex Talbot. Followed by “O Cabaret Noir” by Greg Cowan, Emma Lyons, Mariana Whitehouse, Glow Crawford with thanks to Orquidea Lima. The third and final song was “Voodoo, Samba e Cabaret” by Xavier Osmir and Paul Rumbol.
Our panel of three judges then decided on their favourite, with members of LSS casting their votes as fourth judge, and “Voodoo, Samba e Cabaret” was chosen as the winner.

Well done to everyone involved, and to those that performed on the night.

Listen out for “Voodoo, Samba e Cabaret” later this year at one of our carnivals.