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London School of Samba at Notting Hill Carnival with Paul Marwood

London School of Samba Notting Hill Carnival Parades

The London School of Samba has been parading in the Notting Hill Carnival and other parades since 1984. Please find below a full list of our carnival themes for the London School of Samba. Follow the links for more information, photos and an overview of that year’s theme.

London School of Samba Notting Hill Carnivals list

2021 – London School of Samba invited to Perform at Panorama 2021
2020 – Notting Hill Carnival cancelled
2019 – “Dancing in the Street: A Tribute to Music”
2018 – Yemanja – For The Beauties Of The Sea
2017 – Sambafari – The Last Safari
2016 – Somewhere Under The Rainbow
2015 – Voodoo Samba: The Dark Cabaret
2014 – Celebrating 30 years of LSS, Ambassadors of Samba…
2013 – Children of the Sun: The Quest for El Dorado
2012 – Passing the Flame
2011 – Zé Malandro and the Forty Thieves
2010 – Gods, Myths and Monsters
2009 – A History of Samba
2008 – The Green Man
2007 – 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade
2006 – All aboard the LSS: Uma Viagem Através do Mar de Londres a Brasil
2005 – United in Green & White on the Road for Peace & Hope
2004 – Feliz Aniversário Unidos de Londres é Carnaval de Notting Hill
2003 – Black Orpheus in Notting Hill
2002 – A World in the Balance
2001 – The Future is Here: Let’s shake it up!
2000 – 500 Years, Happy Birthday Brazil!
1999 – Flying Down to Rio
1998 – Burning Up!
1997 – Colours of Brazil
1996 – Sambaquarius
1995 – Star Trek – Human Aspiration & Exploration
1994 – Carnival: Passion of the World
1993 – Riches of the Amazon
1992 – LSS performed at Edinburgh Festival instead of Notting Hill Carnival
1991 – Behind the Mask
1990 – Africa, Brazil, London
1989 – Fire in the Forest
1988 – Gods of Freedom
1987 – Black Brazil – The Culture and the Liberty
1986 – Alice in Sambaland
1985 – If you’ve never heard Samba, Listen!
1984 – Homage to Mocidade and Padre Miguel


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London School of Samba - photo of the drummers and dancers at a London Samba Gig

The London School of Samba Performance

As you can see the London School of Samba has performed at many of the Notting Hill Carnivals over the years. If you would like to parade with the London School of Samba at Notting Hill, then come on down and join one of our fun samba dance or samba drumming classes in London.

We love new members (especially beginners) and you don’t need to know how to dance or drum to join the London School of Samba!  All you need to do to contact us below and our friendly team will be in touch.