Samba dance classes in London

London School of Samba offers fantastic beginner friendly samba dance classes for all levels and abilities.

Our teachers are friendly and will break down all the moves, and all you have to do is copy the instructor

These classes are perfect for beginners and intermediate dance students wanting to learn Samba dance in London.

Google Customer Reviews for our Samba Dance Classes

The London School of Samba offers fun-filled friendly samba dance classes for the complete beginner, intermediate and performer-level students in London.  We have fantastic Google customer reviews for our samba dance classes.

  • Very welcoming and fun classes for all abilities of drummers, percussionists and dancers, a real sense of community and celebration, plus opportunities to represent the school and samba at gigs... read more

    Toby Keenan Avatar Toby Keenan

    The friendliest samba school in London. Whether you wish to dance or drum and regardless of your prior experience, the teachers here will get you grooving in no time at... read more

    Adrian Lewis Avatar Adrian Lewis

    LSS is different from other samba groups in that at the moment it is the only one in South London and the only one you can dance and drum on... read more

    Nannette H Avatar Nannette H
  • I am always learning with LSS. Playing amazing grooves lifts the mood, so put on your shoes and get over here!

    Kathy Stevenson Avatar Kathy Stevenson

    Fun times

    D B Avatar D B

    Passionate and knowledgeable about Rio style Samba both dance and music making. Authentic style without loosing a sense of fun.

    Dave Potter Avatar Dave Potter
  • Great samba school - really friendly teachers and atmosphere!

    Yahia Abaza Avatar Yahia Abaza

    Amazing experience, really good tutors and very friendly atmosphere!!

    Pablo P Avatar Pablo P

    Top Samba School!

    Thomas Edmar Avatar Thomas Edmar
  • Brilliantly energising drum and dance workshops

    Nuala Zoot Avatar Nuala Zoot

Positive comments, great feedback on our teachers

We get loads of positive comments and feedback telling us about how good the teachers are.  Many people mention the teachers break down the moves in a simple way that is easy to understand and follow.  Thus making it one of the best places to learn how to samba dance in London.

Friendly Samba Dance Classes

Loads of people mentioned how friendly the samba dance classes are, and how they made many new friends in these classes.  We have even more customer reviews on the London School of Samba Facebook page.

London School of Samba – join our dance classes

This video is from our Quadra Night Samba dance class.  Our monthly Quadra Night class incorporates live samba drumming and wild dancing!  It’s a super fun class and a great way to experience Rio Carnival style Samba dance, but without flying to Rio!

Our weekly samba dance classes are on Sundays at WAC Centre

The London School of Samba offers our fantastic samba dance classes in London every Sunday evening at the WAC Centre, 14 Baylis Rd, London SE1 7AA. These classes are perfect option for beginners and intermediate samba dance students wanting to attend a professional and fun samba dance classes in London.

Book Samba Dance Classes with London School of Samba

Beginners Dance – Level1

Level 1 is perfect if you are new to samba dance in London and want to learn the basic movements and steps. This class from the London School of Samba is about having fun and getting out of your comfort zone.

This Samba dance class is perfect for complete beginners.  We have fantastic customer reviews from people who have attended the class and fallen in love with dancing Samba!

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Intermediate Dance – Level2

If you have been dancing Samba for some time and want to improve, then the level 2 intermediate samba dance class in London is fantastic!
The class will focus on improving your technique, skill and stamina.

You will quickly learn to improve your hip movement, foot technique and how to parade and perform like a pro.   If you are looking to improve, then this class is perfect for you.

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Quadra – Everyone welcomed

On the last Sunday of the month, our live samba drummers and dancers join forces to bring the Rio Carnival experience to London!  This is a fun and high energy Rio style Samba dance class!

You will be dancing to the beat of our “live” drummers!   This class has fantastic Google customers reviews and is a brilliant way to experience samba dance classes in London without flying to Rio!

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Example video of our fun samba dance classes in London

With our beginners Samba dance classes, you will learn the basics of Rio Style Samba in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

The London School of Samba dance teachers will break down the basic movements into small steps to ensure that everyone in the class learns at a comfortable pace. Over time your confidence and style will improve.

As you get stronger and fitter in our samba dance classes, you will naturally learn better hip movement and posture which is key to becoming a good samba dancer.

Our Samba dance classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate dancers who want to learn good techniques and improve their Samba styling in a fun friendly class.

FAQs for our Samba dance classes in London

How long is the samba dance class? 

The samba dance classes are approx 90 minutes, including a warm-up and warm-down at the end of the class.

What time does the Samba class start?

The class starts at 6 pm and finishes at 7.30 pm.

Will I sweat in this Samba class?

Dancing samba is a lot of fun! You will build up a sweat in our beginner Samba dance classes in London. It is a fun and friendly class, so expect plenty of smiles and laughter as well!

What to wear in a Samba dance class?

We offer fun and friendly class here at the London School of Samba. We recommend you wear soft, comfortable clothing such as leggings and a top.

Do I need to wear high heels in the samba class?

High heels are optional; however, we recommend wearing trainers or dancing shoes for the beginner samba dance classes.

Is Samba a good workout?

Our Samba dance classes in London are the perfect workout! Want to break up the boredom of constantly going to the gym? Then check out our fantastic beginner’s samba dance class!

Many of our positive customer reviews commented on how good samba classes are for your fitness! It’s a great way to improve your fitness and keep your workouts fun and exciting!

It is worth bringing a towel and water to keep hydrated and to help cool down after the samba dance class.

Do I need to bring a partner to join the class?

You don’t need a drag along your partner to join any of our classes. Our beginner’s samba dance classes are solo dance styles, and you will be in a group of similar level people dancing along to some great sambas!

I have two left feet. Can I attend a samba class?

We have had thousands of people say the same thing! Our samba dance classes in London are very beginner-friendly. The teachers will break down each move, and all you have to do is copy them.

We rarely find someone with two left feet, so come on down and jump feet first into our fantastic beginner’s samba dance classes in London today!

I have never been to a dance class, can I attend?

We have some great news for you! Yes, you can! We will get you dancing Samba here at our classes in London in no time!

Our super friendly samba dance teachers have years of experience. They will break down each move and make sure you understand what is going on.

The London School of Samba dance teachers are beginner-friendly samba dance teachers. They know how to teach level one Samba and will get you to master the basics at a slow tempo.

I am very self-conscious, can I wear baggy clothes?

Yes, you can! We recommend wearing loose-fitting clothes and trainers. We want everyone to feel comfortable in our beginner’s samba dance classes.

How long does it take to learn how to Samba?

This question is one we get all the time! It depends on you, but one positive thing about the London School of Samba teachers is that our samba dance classes are beginner-friendly.

Attending every week, you will build up your technique, stamina and fitness. The samba dance classes in London we offer focus on building your style and foundational Samba moves. The more you come, the more you will relax into the class and start to get your groove on!

Is it a group class?

Our Samba dance classes in London are fun and a great way to quickly learn the fundamentals of samba dance. The instructor will be leading from the front, and then all you have to do is follow their moves.

You will be in a group with similar levels of beginner samba dancers in the class. It’s a great way to meet new friends, have fun, and learn how to Samba!

We something film classes for publicity and training purposes

“By signing up for the class, participants agree to be photographed and videoed as part of the group for publicity and training purposes, unless they specifically make it known to the teacher BEFORE the start of the class.”

Do you offer kids samba classes in London?

The London School of Samba runs our super popular Kids Samba Classes in London course called “Little Sambistas”.  Right now the class is closed, but we will be bringing it back in the future months.

For now, check the London School of Samba homepage for updates on a new term start date for our fantastic fun kid’s samba classes.

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