Samba drumming classes in London

The London School of Samba offers fun Samba Drumming classes in London for beginners.

No previous musical experience is needed and all you have to do is copy the instructor.

Interactive beginner-friendly classes and perfect for anybody wanting to learn how to play samba.

Google Customer Reviews for Samba Drumming Classes

The London School of Samba offers beginner-friendly samba drumming classes in London.  We have fantastic Google customer reviews for our samba drumming classes.

  • Passionate and knowledgeable about Rio style Samba both dance and music making. Authentic style without loosing a sense of fun.

    Dave Potter Avatar Dave Potter

    Very welcoming and fun classes for all abilities of drummers, percussionists and dancers, a real sense of community and celebration, plus opportunities to represent the school and samba at gigs... read more

    Toby Keenan Avatar Toby Keenan

    The friendliest samba school in London. Whether you wish to dance or drum and regardless of your prior experience, the teachers here will get you grooving in no time at... read more

    Adrian Lewis Avatar Adrian Lewis
  • Brilliantly energising drum and dance workshops

    Nuala Zoot Avatar Nuala Zoot

    LSS is different from other samba groups in that at the moment it is the only one in South London and the only one you can dance and drum on... read more

    Nannette H Avatar Nannette H

    Great samba school - really friendly teachers and atmosphere!

    Yahia Abaza Avatar Yahia Abaza
  • Amazing experience, really good tutors and very friendly atmosphere!!

    Pablo P Avatar Pablo P

    I am always learning with LSS. Playing amazing grooves lifts the mood, so put on your shoes and get over here!

    Kathy Stevenson Avatar Kathy Stevenson

    Fun times

    D B Avatar D B
  • Top Samba School!

    Thomas Edmar Avatar Thomas Edmar

No Previous musical experience is good!

No previous musical experience is necessary. You don’t need to read music! You will be with other brand new beginners and not with advanced players struggling to understand what is going on.

We offer proper dedicated beginners samba drumming classes in London for everyone.

Fun Friendly teachers – best place to learn samba!

Loads of people comment on how friendly and approachable our fantastic samba drumming teachers are. They break down all the patterns, and all you have to do is copy them.  We have even more customer reviews on the London School of Samba Facebook page.

London School of Samba – join our drumming classes

Learning to play samba is so much fun! Our beginner’s samba drumming classes in London is perfect for learning how to play and get involved with the samba community.

“Samba Drumming Classes in London – Beginners welcomed”

Samba drumming classes in London - students learning how to play samba!

The London School of Samba offers Samba Drumming classes in London for all levels.

We love complete beginners and our fun samba teachers will get you up and grooving with the band within minutes!  The classes are run by an experienced team of musicians and music lovers, with years of experience playing Rio style samba.

The London School of Samba will bring the sounds of carnival all the way from Rio to London just for you.

All ages and abilities are welcome at our samba classes

At our samba drumming classes in London, all ages and abilities are welcome.  The London School of Samba has fantastic official google customer reviews for our classes.

All arrangements are taught by ear and all you have to do is copy the instructor, so you don’t need to read music! We offer friendly dedicated beginners’ classes so you can have a go at banging on a drum with the London School of Samba!

Samba drumming classes run by experienced teachers

Each samba class is run by experienced and friendly instructors who know what it is like to be a beginner.  Our team is here to give you the confidence to start playing straight away as soon as you enter the class.

With our help, we will get you playing a samba groove and smiling from ear to ear! All sticks and instruments are provided at our samba drumming classes.  If you have your own samba drum, then bring it along and join in with the fun!

Interested in joining Samba Drumming Class?

The London School of Samba is always here to welcome brand new members or complete beginners to our Bateria or samba drumming classes every Sunday in London.  Don’t worry about your level of experience, come on down and join in the fun!

We are a friendly, welcoming group of samba mad people and we’re always happy to see new faces.  Our team have years of experience and will get your playing an instrument as soon as you start your first samba drumming class in London.

How to Join our samba drumming classes

Details of our next samba drumming classes in London can be found by checking our samba classes timetable.  There is no commitment to come every week and come along and try it out!   We practice up to four times a month and you can come as often or as little as you like.  Here is the link to book your place on the next available samba drumming class with the London School of Samba.

Prices for our samba drumming classes

We offer “pay as you go” samba drumming classes in London.  You do not have to sign up or commit to a monthly or yearly membership.  Our classes are great value for money and cost £10 each for a ninety-minute class.  We have concession rates for those low income, unemployed or students at £8 per class.

What time do the classes start on Sunday?

Our classes start at 6 pm on Sundays at the WAC Centre.  The dance class starts at 6 pm and finished at 7.30.  The samba drumming classes start at 7:45 pm and finish approximately at 9:15 pm.  All instruments and sticks are provided.  All we need is you and your earplugs to join the fun!

Have a question about our classes – contact us

Do you have a question about our classes that we have not answered on this page?  If so, then fill in our contact us form and our friendly team will be back in touch asap.

Contact the London School of Samba

Samba Drumming Classes in London FAQ

Here are some of the common questions beginners or people interested in our samba drumming classes in London ask.  Remember we are a friendly bunch of samba loving people, and we look forwards to welcoming you to our classes here in London soon.

Do I need previous experience, never touch a drum in my life!

We love complete beginners and yes you can join in with our samba drumming classes in London with no experience!  Our Bateria or samba drumming classes are a lot of fun, so come on down.  We break it down into simple steps and our teachers are world-class.  They will have you up and banging on a drum within minutes of arriving!

I don’t own a samba instrument, can I borrow one?

All instruments are provided by the London School of Samba.  You can come along and try any of the instruments.  This allows you to have a go at everything and before you know it you will be grooving with the band!

Do I need to wear earplugs?

YES – the London School of Samba beginners samba classes is very LOUD!  We highly recommend bringing your own earplugs or you can buy some at our samba drumming classes in London at the door.  

Can I join in on my own or do I need a group of people?

You don’t need a group of friends to join our beginner’s samba drumming classes in London.  You are more than welcome to come on your own and we are a very friendly bunch of people.  Many people say they love the classes and make new samba friends very quickly.  The teachers are laid back, fun and patient.  Therefore it is perfect for anybody on their own looking for a samba drumming class.

Does it matter if I make a mistake?

​Don’t worry about making mistakes.  The only way to learn is to make mistakes, no need to worry.   Our teachers are fantastic and really will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Within minutes you will be playing a samba groove and enjoying attention our samba drumming classes in London.

Where are the samba drumming Classes held in London?

Our beginner’s samba dance classes in London are held close to Waterloo train and tube station.  We are a two-minute walk from the tube station and close to South Bank. Our Weekly Sunday Classes are held at Waterloo Action Centre, 14 Baylis Road, Waterloo, London SE1 7AA.  You can view a map or what3words ///hurry.hurry.held

I want to learn how to dance Samba – do you offer dance classes?

The great thing about the London School of Samba is we offer both samba drumming and samba dance classes in London.   The samba dance class is held before the samba drumming class, so you have the chance to do both on the same day. For more information about our fun dance class, have a look at this link for our samba dance class on Sundays.

We something film classes for publicity and training purposes

“By signing up for the class, participants agree to be photographed and videoed as part of the group for publicity and training purposes, unless they specifically make it known to the teacher BEFORE the start of the class.”

How long does it take to join the main band?

This question is one we get all the time!  We love having enthusiastic samba loving people join our main Bateria performance group. The first thing to do is keep coming to our beginner’s samba classes in London and start to feel comfortable playing your chosen instrument.  Once you get to get confident, the Musical Director will have a chat with you to talk about joining our main band. 

The majority of our bateria show band members all started in the beginner’s samba drumming classes.  Keep coming along and when the time is right and we have a space in the main band you can join our main bateria show band.

Wanted Experienced Samba Players in London

Anyone who has some serious samba or drumming experience is welcome to come down and chat about becoming a member.  Joining the London School of Samba Show Band comes with a steep learning curve, so natural ability and a commitment to learning all our material is a must!  If you have years of experience, then send us an email to Bateria Show Band at [email protected] to ask about joining the main band.

Contact us about our Samba classes

You can contact the London School of Samba if you need any more information about our classes.  Remember all our classes are suitable for complete beginners.  For more information contact us at the following email addresses:

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