London School of Samba Performing at Notting Hill Carnival 2024

💚 NHC registration is Open! Be a part of the largest Samba street parade outside of Brazil! 💚

Back To The Roots - LSS Theme for Carnival 2024
For our 40th Anniversary, we are planning a spectacular parade for Notting Hill Carnival, on the theme “De Volta às Origens” (Back to the Roots) exploring the cultural diaspora of Africa to Brazil, recognising and celebrating the origins of Samba.

Ala Minha Estrela Guia

Minha Estrela Guia: Mocidade – Beginner / Intermediate dance Ala

Ala Minha Estrela Gula - Intermediate Dance costume NHC 2024

Ala das Passistas

As Pioneiras – Intermediate/Advanced dance Ala. Participation in this Ala is dependent on dance team approval. Please email your interest along with a video of you dancing samba to: [email protected]

Ala Passistas - Intermediate - Advanced Dance costume NHC 2024

Ala das Baianas

The first Baianas in Rio, an Ode to Tia Ciata.
Coming down to the land of Samba in the Bahia Exodus, the Baianas brought with them their Yoruba culture and ancestrality through social and religious practices.
The Baianas are the godmothers and guardians of samba, and a central element of Brazilian carnival, representing the ancestrality of the culture.

Please email the dance team to register your interest [email protected]

The first Baianas in Rio, an Ode to Tia Ciata.

Ala Afro

Ala Afro this year will represent Oxossi and the elements of the forest. Our cacadores (hunters) will disperse amongst the flora and fauna of Oxossi’s sacred forest, following him to our Agéré inspired batucadas.

NHC2024 Ala Alfro

Ala Bateria (THE BAND!)

Please email your interest for approval to: [email protected]

NHC2024 Ala Alfro


Volunteer with us to make our 40th anniversary a year to remember!

Ala Comunidade

Wear our exclusive 40th-anniversary t-shirt and celebrate as part of our community!

Come and join us for a dance class on Sundays at Waterloo Action Centre or try out your Samba rhythm with Brazillian instruments (supplied) at a Sunday workshop. Not sure whether you’d prefer to dance or drum – you can try both on the same night! Please see the timetable and booking forms for classes here.