Costume Hire and Fancy Dress Hire – London School of Samba

The London School of Samba authentic carnival costumes can be yours to hire, so ladies you can indulge your fantasy of being a samba show girl for a night. We also have multiple costumes for any theatre or performance groups out there looking for colourful and inventive gear. We also have stock we would like to clear, so get in touch, we can send you some pictures, guide price and make us an offer.

We can’t guarantee that our costumes will help you dance samba, but we can guarantee that you will bring some Brazilian sunshine and carnival magic with you! You will look the real deal. More Details here>>>

Costume Workshops

Costume workshops happen throughout the year and are focused either on our year round gigs or our carnival tour. If you are feeling crafty, creative, or just plain curious, then please come and join us at any of our workshops.  You can learn some new skills, or just polish up on your current ones. Our costume making involves sewing, cutting, beading, sticking and any number of other ‘ings’…

These are open to anyone wanting to take part in costume making even if not registered to take part on our carnival tour and you don’t need to be a member or dancer or drummer. No matter what your skill level, there’s always an opportunity to get involved. The glue guns are warmed up and ready to go! More information here>>>

Make-Up Workshops

We  are currently building a team of volunteer that want to explore, practice and share their make up skills. These are not tutor led but co-ordinated by volunteers with an interest in developing skills in this area. Please check the timetable below and contact us on [email protected] for more details of upcoming workshops. Please let us know in advance if planning on attending.

Contact us

If you would like to volunteer to do performers make up towards gigs and events please contact the [email protected]