2012 Carnivals


“The flame, fire, the glow of embers…
The struggle and the rivalry,
compassion and co-operation,
sharing, we pass on this flame.”

Olympic ideals have stood the test of time. This year the London School of Samba’s theme ‘Passando a Chama – Passing the Flame’, will delve into the spirit of competition and collaboration of the Olympics. This spirit carried through the flame, is kept going by custodians of the Olympics, and is embroiled in mythology and symbols of bravery and courage on one of it’s journey’s from London to Rio in 2016.

We set our scene with this spirit of battle and union of the Olympics, of energy and axé, the will to do more, the endeavour to do better than the last time, than the other person, than has been done before (Commisao de Frente).

We take the Lion on the British coat of arms as our symbol of bravery and the force of the sun that shines on a nation’s pride. Its counterpart, the Brazilian Jaguar, seeped in Guarani mythology was tricked into giving man fire, ferociously threatens flames (Mestre Sala and Porta Bandeira, and the Jaguar float).

The battle is set.

Every game needs spectators. At the starting point we flicker with excitement. Crowds that watch with scalding breath, we are the flame of desire and hope that flickers within. From white sparks to subtle amber tones to scorching reds and black, to silent blues and quiet whites, we are the journey of the flame (Rainha, Musa, and Madrinha).

We are observers, witnesses, representatives, supporters and we wear our colours (of the Brazilian and British flags) proudly. Through determination and mortally defying skill, we press on, and we have grown to take on our neighbour’s flags too, cheering in support of all successes. They need not be our own (Bateria).

The shot is sounded! And we fly!
On the wings of multi-coloured Macaws, we loop the loop and synchronise our hearts with same hopes and dreams. We are watched, shadowed, tracked and chartered, challenge after challenge. Like bird watchers in seek of that elusive rare sighting, we all watch for that elusive home win (Passista).

Now is our time and soon it will be Rio’s. Now is our sunrise, and under the same sun we all take part in one global act of kinship. Our sunset shall be Rio’s sunrise, and we pass on this flame on, with all the spectrums of fire and all the degrees of sun rays, echoing the timelessness of this journey that has been performed for centuries before us (Dance Ala).

Successes marked by the ritual of medals giving; bronze, silver and gold, forged in a kiln to celebrate skills perfected over time. This is the ashen stage of the torch, ready to re-forge and begin the cycle again (2nd float).

For those who have come before, they carry the happy burden of stoking the fires and not letting them burn out completely. Like the nuns and oracles of ancient Greece, ready to revive and nurture the frailest of flickers and rear them into mighty flames. These are our mothers, our fore bearers, the models of our community, the oracles of our future, for they have been there (Baianas).

Even the ancient God’s have their favourites! They battle out their desires in support of an athlete, a team or a sport. Iansa, whose battle cry is the fighting talk that knocks her opponent into submission and whose cunning acquires the fire from her husband Xango. Xango – God of Lightening, Thunder and Fire, easily incensed when his pride allows himself to be tricked, and who, in moments of great rage wreaks havoc with fire all around him. This condensed, bottled up moment, this contained energy of desperation is turned from the fire that destroys, into the fire that gives us warmth. The fire that gives us sustenance, that gives us life. The same fire that Prometheus steals from Zeus to give to humanity for warmth and light for protection (Ala Afro).

Basking in the protection of this flame, the Kayapo pay homage to the jaguar, who in also giving people fire allows us to cook food and teaches us to hunt (Ala Indio).

And so we have reached the spirit of the Olympiad; execute every moment as if it were extinguishable in a breath, believe in the reality of every possibility and let the gift of the flame fuel you towards greatness. The Jaguar’s secret of fire is out!

As a mere link in a greater chain, humble guardians of this gift to us all, we pass this flame on to you Rio!

Theme developed from Nikki Gilbert’s Theme ‘Passing the fire’.




Passando O Fogo from London School of Samba on Myspace.

Passando O Fogo
Lyrics and Music By Xavier Osmir, Music Arranged By Paul Rumbol.

(* In Honour of our Madrinha Di Foden)
Grito de Guerra { Laia, laia, ……Laia, Laia etc….}

Acenda a tocha passe o fogo
Vem correndo celebrar } Bis
A minha escola, esta presente
Minha gente, vem sambar

A London School chegou de boca cheia
Pra cantar a noite inteira, vai brilhar
As cores do Brasil o ceu azul
Viajei de Norte a Sul,
Passando o fogo pro meu Rio Iluminar
Com Liberdade, divaguei
Comunidades, representei
Abrindo se as portas para o mundo
Em verde e branco – encantei

Olimpia! O fogo sagrado acendeu
O calor das chamas } Bis
O sol a brilhar
Vencer e renascer e despertar

O Grande show vai comecar
O Palco iluminar, Poesias vou cantar
Em Notting Hill ganhei medalhas, vou sambar
Roda Baiana, vem swingar – vem swingar
Energia Sagrada enviada dos Ceus,
(*Oh Divina Daiana a madrinha Fiel)
Seu sorriso e Gloria
Encantou a nossa escola
Es estrela dourada, que faz o Ceu Brilhar

Orixa e Xango, oo –oo
O Poderoso Jaguar, La-laia
Com seu machado justiceiro } Bis
Pedra e Fogo e Guerreiro
Abre alas pra eu passar

English Translation – Passing the Fire

Light the Flame, Pass the Fire
Run to Celebrate
My Samba School is here today
Come on everybody lets samba

The Lss today arrived to shine and sing all night long
We will travel from the North to the South
To see the Colours of Brazil and The Blue Sky
Passing the Flame to Illuminate Rio
Walking with freedom to represent my community
And opening the doors to the world
We will enchant it with Green and White

Olympia! The Sacred Fire has ignited
The heat of the flames
The Sun is shining
To win is to be reborn and awakening

The great show is going to start
The stage will be lit up
I will sing poems; we will samba in Notting Hill Carnival
And win Medals

The Baiana dancers will spin and swing
Sacred energy sent from Heaven
Our Divine Diana, the Loyal Madrinha
Your smile of Glory
Enchanted our school
You are The Golden Star that makes the Heaven shine

The Orixa is Xango
A powerful Jaguar
Stone and Fire a Warrior
Carrying his Axe
He will open a path for our Samba Parade


Notting Hill Carnival Results


Samba Category: 2nd place
Overall Parade Result: 3rd

In 2012 the London School of Samba performed in the following carnivals:
Sunday 8th July – Love Luton Carnival and Olympic Torch Relay Event
Friday 13th July – Waterloo Carnival
Saturday 21st July – Hackney Carnival and Olympic Torch Relay Event
Monday 27th August – Notting Hill Carnival
Sunday 9th September – Thames Festival