The LUKAS awards are back! And once again The London School of Samba have been nominated in 2 categories, Best Brazilian Dance School and *Best Brazilian Dance Performers!


Like last year, The AirEuropa LUKAS Awards 2012 awards will be decided by popular vote. Voting takes place in 2 stages, the first is open now and lasts until Jan 2013 when the top 5 most voted for candidates in each category will go through a final month of voting.


Once you register to vote you’re allowed one vote every 24 hours.  That’s a lot of votes from now until January and every one counts!


A live awards ceremony is planned for March 2013 in what is proving to be, in ballet dancer Carlos Acosta’s words, “ The most anticipated and prestigious event of the year for Latinos and Latin culture lovers in the UK.”


We are also very excited to announce that several LSS teachers and friends have been also been nominated for this year’s awards! In the Best Brazilian teacher category: Eddy, Mariana Pinho, Mariana Whitehouse, Douglas Gomes, Glady Cavalcante, Ella Peck, Samara Reis and Romero de Mangueira.


And also nominated in the Brazilian Dance Performers of the Year, Douglas Gomes & Gladys Cavalcante, Samara Reis, Mariana Pinho.


Show your support, get voting!


*NB  The Brazilian Dance Performer of the Year category can be found in the Entertainment section.