The London School of Samba had an incredible night out and a big thanks to all who were involved and a special thanks to Jo V, Jo T, Joanna and Maria Cecilia. And to Laurence for presenting the girls in a way that every girl wants to be treated!! Check back very soon for a recap and photos, until then here are some quotes on the night:

“…It was amazing being able to watch you girls, even harder to judge as you were all so hot on the night!! I couldn’t stop smiling cos you all did yourselves proud! So congrats to all of you, that standard of dancing was worth giving up my crown and sash for!! I CANNOT wait for next year’s comp, the bar has been risen!! My mum said it’s one of the best LSS nights she’s been to, she’s already talking about next year’s competition.”

“…Orqa – I think I’ve got your cold!! We shared far too much sweat on stage, but it was worth it to share your first dance. Well done again querida, estou tao orgulhosa de voce!!”

“…Orquidea – you were made for this and I’m SO PROUD OF YOU!
Zara, I’m still impressed you managed to hand the crown over without snarling. You both looked AMAZING in the final show and the bateria were playing for ages so well done.”

“…Thanks to Jo V for organizing, Jo Madrinha for keeping us all so calm and hydrated – and for running in to do my laces! Much thanks to Laurence for presenting us all and making us all look like queens. What a gentleman!”

“…Am even more excited than ever about Notting Hill. The energy and standard of the bateria and the dancers combined make me think this is going to be a good, good year.”

“…Of course, huge congratulations to Orquidea…well done, very well deserved enjoy your experience as the Rainha and wishing you all the best, Look forward to seeing you performing and your Rainha costume – oh and thanks for the banana as well!”